Sustainability and Life Cycles

What is GREEN anyway?

Many builders, remodelers and homeowners are joining the ride on the GREEN wave which is gaining momentum world wide, without really knowing what GREEN means.

Almost every one is struggling with this.  There is a need for a state wide, national or international agency to regulate GREEN, similar to the way the FDA regulates Organic Food labeling. Until that happens, we can all do our bit to the best of our ability and call it GREEN.

There are already a few recognized organizations such as LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design, monitored by the US Green Building Council) and BIG (Build-It-Green) and BPI (Building Performance Institute) in California that have programs in place, as well as many other professional organizations, such as the NHBA, NARI, etc.

Most programs, including LEED and the Green Point Rated Program from Build It Green have a check list of items to accumulate points to qualify for a Green Rated project or home. Others, such as BPI, actually measure the performance of a home by performing tests on site.

One major aspect of being GREEN is resource efficiency, which can be broken down into several components, such as reduced consumption, improved efficiency and useful life span, and recycling, to name a few.  What is more resource efficient than renovating an existing home and giving it a whole new life?

Rarely is building a new home more sustainable than a renovation/remodel with extensive energy efficiency upgrades.


Improving the Fire Resistance of your Home

Instead of solely relying on the very limited safety provided by fuel management on your property, you may opt for a more selective clearing of combustible vegetation and improve the fire resistance of your house.  Most homes lost in forest fires are not in the immediate fire path, but ignite due to  falling embers, blown in from far away.  You can substantially reduce the chance of ignition even in a raging forest fire, and almost eliminate chances of your house catching on fire due to burning embers, by Fire Resistance Retrofitting the exterior of your home.

Quality & Quantity Construction Services, Inc. has a Fire Resistance Checklist available for you or we can stop by to evaluate the fire resistance of your home on site. A great way to preserve and extend the useful life of the resources used in your home.