Design-Build Remodeling

   Design Phase

–       Design

–       GreenPoint Rating or LEED Certification and/or Home Performance Testing

–       Engineering

–       Survey & Drafting

–       Title 24 Energy Report

–       Building Permit Application

   Construction Phase

–       Remodeling vs. New Construction

–       Protection of furnishings and Indoor Air Quality

–       Demolition & Waste Management

–       Materials & Equipment storage

–       Getting the work done

–       Progress meetings



–  Analyzing what went wrong. Finding the source of the problem and solving it.

–  A plan for repair or replacement   (See Design-Build Remodeling, Construction)

Green Building            

– Energy Efficiency

– Life Cycle Construction

– Materials & Environmental Impact

– Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Aging In Place (Universal Design)

Seismic Retrofitting

Fire Resistance Retrofitting

Owner-Builder Assistance